Friday, May 23, 2008

Indy4, Tornadoes, and Levy Life

Dude!!!! What a crazy day we had.

First, went to go see Indy 4. Wow did that suck sweaty donkey balls. Speilberg screwed the pooch on that one, just like he did to the Star Wars Trilogy.

Then, on the way home...

TORNADO!!!!!! In Southern California!!

Yep, saw two tornados in the northen part of Perris while we were driving home. Heard on the news later that one of them knocked down a big rig and derailed a small train on the side of the 215. We were watching it--and driving behind it by about two miles--when it crossed the freeway and did it's damage. WOW!!!!

Haven't been blogging much. Honestly, I don't think too many people actually read my blogs, so I figure why bother. But just to update those of you who DO read it..

Gas is $4 a gallon, the whole economy sucks, Bush and Arnold are a-holes, and California is way overdue for a major quake. That's if we dont' get more tornadoes tomorrow!! Dude!!

But seriously...

Besides finances, things are going ok over here. Irene and I took a little trip to Knott's for my b-day back on the 6th. Just the two of us. Spent the night at Knott's hotel, then went to the park the next day, and had a blast!!

On June 3rd, we'll be celebrating being happily married for two years. Wow, two years already!!!

Arthur is 14 moths old now, and he's taking a few steps, babbling--but I SWEAR while waiting for Irene at the dentist the other day, he said "I want to go bye-bye." ??? He's forming sentences already???

Work still sucks. Business is SO slow--again--I fear layoffs are coming. Oh, and the boss took our computer to his house, so can't get online from work anymore. :(

That's the highlights for now. If you want to know more, call or email, and we'll chat.

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